Epidemiologist Manager, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthcare Access

Epidemiologist Manager, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthcare Access  

Position Summary­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

This position will report to the Well-Ahead Louisiana (WAL) Surveillance and Evaluation Division (S&E) located within the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health’s Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthcare Access (BCDPHA). WAL is dedicated to improving the health status of Louisiana residents in rural and underserved areas by working proactively to build community health systems’ capacity; providing integrated efficient and effective health care services; and promoting healthy lifestyles within each community. The WAL-S&E Division is responsible for the accurate collection, analysis, evaluation and dissemination of health data and program performance.

This position serves as the Epidemiology Manager for the WAL-S&E Division and reports directly to the WAL-S&E Division Manager. The Epidemiology Manager is expected to exemplify WAL’s Culture of Excellence, Culture of Wellness, vision, mission, values, ground rules, and brand guidelines. The Evaluation Manager serves as the team’s subject matter expert for best practices as it relates to evaluation of public health programs. The position is responsible for 1) executing epidemiological components of federal grants for WAL and 2) the direct supervision of WAL Chronic Disease Epidemiologists.

The position is full-time and will be located at the Office of Public Health in New Orleans.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Public Health with a concentration on Epidemiology
  • Experience in conducting surveillance activities for public health programs
  • Proficient in advanced statistical analysis packages (SAS/R)
  • Proficient in geographic mapping software (ArcGIS)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
  • Experience with graphical software (Tableau)
  • Ability to travel within and outside of Louisiana

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

70% Grant Surveillance (28 hours per week)

  • Design and manage monthly tracking databases to track program activity outputs and outcomes.
  • Collaborate with evaluation coordinators to complete and submit required surveillance and evaluation deliverables such as Annual Performance Reports, Evaluation Reports, etc., to the CDC.
  • Use existing databases such as the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, etc., to surveil the prevalence of chronic disease outcomes and associated risk factors in Louisiana.
  • Respond to internal data requests from the WAL team and external data requests from a variety of stakeholders providing raw data, aggregated tables, and other information as needed.
  • Conduct statistical analysis using epidemiological techniques and assist in preparing reports utilizing surveillance data, scientific literature, and other available resources.
  • Utilize graphical and mapping software to create visualizations of data for a variety of audiences
  • Demonstrate strong commitment to data-driven quality improvement cycles

20% Epidemiology Team Lead (8 hours per week)

  • Provide direct supervision to epidemiologists.
  • Provide strategic guidance for team members contributing to surveillance efforts across all grant programs.
  • Coordinate and lead regular epidemiology team meetings.
  • Provide training and mentorship to build knowledge, skills, and abilities of team members.
  • Collaborate with the Evaluation Manager and Surveillance and Evaluation Division Manager to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the Surveillance and Evaluation Division.
  • Ensure consistency of processes and formatting for data collection, reporting, data visualization, etc., across all epidemiology staff and programs.

5% Grant Writing (2 hours per week)

  • Provide support for grant applications
  • Participate in grant planning meetings and calls with the BCDPHA as needed for upcoming grant opportunities.
  • Develop surveillance plans and performance measurement plans to accompany grant applications that meet the requirements outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity.
  • Assess target populations and health disparities as required by the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

5% Other duties as assigned (2 hours per week)

  • Participate in WAL-Surveillance and Evaluation team meetings.
  • Engage in special projects conducted by the WAL-Surveillance and Evaluation team.
  • Engage with visual and data communications staff to create creative, innovative, and accurate ways to illustrate surveillance and evaluation results.
  • Engage in professional development opportunities when available.
  • Attend out of state meetings and conferences as necessary.

Perform other duties as assigned.

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate evaluation findings in plain language
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to think proactively and function independently
  • Good organization skills with the ability to manage heavy workloads and multiple tasks


Salary is dependent on education and experience.
A competitive benefits package is offered to all LPHI full-time staff.


Equal Opportunity Employer