Public Health Program Evaluator

Public Health Program Evaluator

Position Type: Contract, full time

Civil Service Equivalent Job Title: Program Monitor or Program Manager 1A DOE

Domicile: Baton Rouge or New Orleans, LA

Salary Range: $48,000 - $60,000 DOE

The Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Healthcare Access (BCDPHA) is located within the Louisiana Department of Health’s (LDH) Office of Public Health (OPH) and branded Well-Ahead Louisiana. Well-Ahead Louisiana is dedicated to improving the health of Louisiana residents in rural and underserved areas by working proactively to build community health systems’ capacity; providing integrated, efficient and effective healthcare services; and promoting healthy lifestyles within each community. This position is located in the Surveillance and Evaluation Division and reports to the Evaluation Manager. The Program Evaluator will be responsible for designing and executing the evaluation components, as well as, statewide surveillance of a program area. This includes utilizing evaluation findings to assist in the development of strategies, goals, and objectives that are consistent with Well-Ahead’s mission and aligned with other Well-Ahead programs. Hybrid or remote working options available.


· Master’s Degree in Public Health with a concentration on Epidemiology

· Experience in conducting evaluation and surveillance activities for public health programs

· Proficient in geographic mapping software (ArcGIS)

· Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)

· Excellent oral and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate data in plain language

Desired Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

· Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well on a team

· Proficient in advanced statistical analysis packages (SAS/R)

· Experience with graphical software (Tableau)

· Strong attention to detail

· Ability to think proactively and function independently

· Good organization skills with the ability to manage heavy workloads and multiple tasks

· Ability to travel in Louisiana

50% Design and Execute Evaluation of Diabetes Program

· Create and execute annual evaluation plans, in collaboration with the Division/Grant Manager, to inform and engage program staff and diverse stakeholders. This can include:

o Manage and upgrade current databases in use.

o Conduct routine analysis of program process and outcome data.

o Identify key process and performance indicators with guidance from CDC and in

consultation with appropriate stakeholders

o Conduct key informant interviews with program staff and partners to identify topics for success stories, program strengths and limitations, and other essential information related to grant activities and evaluation.

· Create and maintain database to track program implementation progress and report activity status to appropriate Grant Manager(s).

· Monitor activity efficiency, efficacy, barriers, and facilitators and report findings and recommendations to appropriate Grant Manager(s).

· Participate in grant-related meetings and training.

· Advise the Grant Manager(s) and relevant stakeholders on the interpretation of evaluation results and implications for program planning.

· Evaluate health equity in programmatic work and ensure best practices are implemented to the extent feasible.

· Identify benchmarks for closing gaps for population groups experiencing health disparities to improving health equity in programs.

· Present evaluation work at a professional conference or submit a manuscript for publication in a relevant academic journal.

· Develop and maintain subject matter expertise in the most current data, trends, and best practices for program area.

· Engage members of population groups affected by health disparities in the formation of evaluation inquiries and coordinate with the Health Education and Community Engagement team to share evaluation results with individuals reached.

30% Surveillance of Diabetes Program

· Manage monthly tracking databases to track program activities, outputs, and outcomes.

· Analyze program-related data to monitor performance measures and assess program impact.

· Use data to help create products (presentations, reports, factsheet, etc.) that clearly communicate data to the intended audience and help drive program activities and decision-making.

· Develop and maintain subject matter expertise in the most current data, trends, and best practices for program area.

· Use graphical and mapping software to create visualizations of data for a variety of audiences.

· Respond to internal data requests from the Well-Ahead team and external data requests from a variety of stakeholders to provide data and other information as needed.

· Demonstrate strong commitment to quality improvement cycles of data analysis and data product creation processes.

10 % Reporting and Communications

· Assist the Division/Grant Manager with the completion of grant reporting requirements.

· Disseminate program accomplishments and evaluation findings to stakeholders via reports, impact statements, success stories, presentations, and appropriate data visualizations.

· Complete all other required evaluation and reporting deliverables within grant timelines.

· Identify opportunities to present evaluation work at professional conferences or submit manuscripts for publication to relevant academic journals.

10% Other duties as assigned

· Collaborate with partners, external stakeholders, and relevant coalitions on special projects.

· Provide evaluation support for new grant applications by participating in grant planning meetings and calls, identifying priority populations, designing evaluation plans for future grant submission, and completing evaluation components of grant program narratives.

· Participate in team meetings for the Surveillance and Evaluation Division.

· Participate in continuing education activities related to evaluation and health equity, and implement new skills in evaluation activities.

· Participate in grant writing as needed.

· Travel within Louisiana and out of state as necessary to fulfill job duties and support program deliverables, including but not limited to conferences, seminars, meetings, summits, trainings, etc.


Equal Opportunity Employer