Employee Emergency Information

This space will be utilized for emergency communications for LPHI employees when necessary.  The content will mirror email notifications that will be sent as part of the emergency communications policy.

October 8, 2017

We will resume normal operations tomorrow, Monday, October 9th.

October 6, 2017 2:15 pm

According to the latest news alerts, Nate is expected to impact the Greater New Orleans area beginning tomorrow morning through Sunday afternoon. From the current weather forecasts, and updates from the governor’s and mayor’s offices, it appears high winds and storm surge are the higher concerns. Although rain is expected, as of now it is not expected to be excessive. Please be alert however as this can change based on feeder bans and Orleans Parish’s current pump and turbine situation that can also exacerbate the impact of sudden downpours.

We will continue to monitor the official channels and will alert staff of any updates. Please keep informed through official channels as well, such as the City of New Orleans, your local news stations, the 1515 Poydras building’s site (for building closure status) and other links listed below. As we get a better understanding of the timing past Sunday, we will communicate additional plans for working remotely, possible building closures, school closures, etc., if deemed necessary. At this time the office building, 1515 Poydras, has not announced closures.

Staff should feel supported to do what they need to do to prepare (secure personal property, get supplies, arrange care / safety of loved ones, etc.). As such, staff members let your supervisor know if you need to leave early to handle those personal preparations. We ask that folks simply use their best judgement as it relates to their work and personal safety.

Remote staff, please monitor your locations for closure information and take all precautionary advisories set forth by your local authorities. Should your area be impacted, please notify your supervisor of your situation as soon as you are able to connect via phone or email. We ask that everyone be diligent and aware of changing weather situations in your location.

Lastly, your safety is most important, so we ask that you take precautions as necessary, and do not hesitate to reach out to your supervisor if you need anything. We also want to remind you to be prepared this Hurricane season, be weather aware, and to not drive in flooded areas even if it looks ok.

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