Our Principles

Aligned with our partners, our commitment to social drivers improves prevention and health promotion.

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Stewardship in all Resources

Developing solutions to complex health challenges requires garnering every resource to amplify efforts. As the health and well-being of others lie in the balance, we embrace the privilege to serve with integrity and competence. We are co-creators of health and manage our programs with servant leadership. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we function as a health accelerator to coordinate social, human, financial, and information resources.

    Capacity in all Communities

    Achieving the goal of health for all is within reach. The impact of our network is strengthened when information and knowledge are shared. We catalyze the potential of the organizations and communities we serve. After careful evaluation, we develop plans to exchange ideas, skills, and processes that enhance capacity and bring lasting change.

      Equity in all Policies

      We believe health is a human right. As our nation struggles with inequity, we address injustices to pave the way to unconditional health. As visionaries with conviction, we implement evidence-based practices to achieve impact. Our solutions influence decision makers to shape policy and drive progress toward equity locally and nationally.


        Opportunity in all Places

        A place-based approach to population health is the most comprehensive course to improve health outcomes. Every community needs sustainable environments that provide equal opportunities for health. To support communities, we translate knowledge for community change agents to create the conditions for health where we live, learn, work, and play.