Health Services Research

Patient-centered research, enabled by an innovative clinical data infrastructure and health system partnerships, to answer healthcare questions of importance to patients, families, healthcare providers and systems.


LPHI’s Health Services Research focus area collaborates with regional and national partners to conduct patient-engaged research to generate evidence that drives healthcare decision-making towards achieving health for all. An innovative clinical data infrastructure with electronic health records for more than 5 million patients from partner health systems in Louisiana and Texas enables multi-site research with enhanced efficiency in real-world healthcare delivery settings. Engagement of the community and healthcare stakeholders informs the research we do and promotes translation and dissemination of research results to patients, community, healthcare providers, health systems, and academia.

Programs and Initiatives


The Research Action for Health Network (REACHnet) is a clinical research network with health system partners in Louisiana and Texas, collectively caring for more than 5 million patients. REACHnet constitutes an innovative, standardized clinical data infrastructure for a large, representative patient population to serve as a foundation for research. One of several clinical research networks (CRNs) nationwide in The National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet), our mission is to enable the conduct of multi-site research with enhanced efficiency in real-world healthcare delivery systems. REACHnet engages clinical sites, healthcare providers, patients, and the community to inform and implement observational studies and interventional trials in collaboration with local, regional and national partners. Stakeholder engagement throughout the research process helps ensure that studies aim to generate evidence that is important to patients and the healthcare community.

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Health in Our Hands

Health in Our Hands (HiOH) is the community-facing initiative of REACHnet that uses the knowledge, expertise and opinions of people to build a community that influences and engages in research. By recognizing individuals as the experts on their own health, Health in Our Hands gives people the opportunity to bring the patient voice to the research process and ensure that studies address the issues and outcomes most important to the patient community. The HiOH network also informs members about opportunities to participate in research and about research results. Anyone over age 18 may join HiOH online. Researchers may partner with HiOH for outreach to the patient community to enhance their studies

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Current Research Studies and Clinical Trials

REACHnet’s portfolio of research projects spans interventional trials, observational studies and public health surveillance initiatives that use electronic health record data from real-world healthcare delivery systems. Our projects are conducted in partnership with leading experts locally and nationally as well as passionate patient and community groups.

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