Tobacco Prevention and Control

Building Louisiana’s tobacco-free culture through advocacy, education and policy advancements.


The Tobacco Prevention and Control portfolio evaluates and implements tobacco control initiatives that can reduce and prevent tobacco use, as well as eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke and helps Louisianans lead healthier lives. By supporting tobacco-free and smoke-free policies at the organizational, municipal, parish, and state level, the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) has been able to make great strides in creating healthy workplaces across the state.

Programs and Initiatives

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL)

TFL has created a variety of initiatives with the needs of Louisiana’s diverse population in mind. Each initiative addresses a specific opportunity for change and represents a focused effort to support the smoke-free movement in Louisiana.

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Youth Prevention

Next Era is a statewide youth movement uniting teens across Louisiana as agents of change to promote healthy tobacco-free lifestyles. Next Era empowers high school teens to work toward policy change in their communities and across the state.

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Secondhand Smoke

The Healthier Air For All Campaign (HAFA) is TFL’s secondhand smoke initiative. A large number of Louisiana residents are not protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure: entertainers, bar, and gaming facility employees. HAFA encourages support for the protection of all employees with the expansion of smoke-free policies, businesses, and events across Louisiana, growing the movement toward a 100 percent smoke-free Louisiana.

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Quit With Us, LA is a partnership between TFL and the Department of Health and Hospitals Tobacco Control Program (TCP) that was built as a grassroots community outreach effort. The website is a free resource for those who want to quit on their own or help a friend or loved one quit, and for healthcare providers who identify that their patients are tobacco users and have a desire to quit.

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Health Disparities

TFL works state-wide to eliminate tobacco-related health disparities in vulnerable populations with a focus on African-Americans, low socioeconomic communities, and LBGT individuals. TFL works with the Communities of Color Network (CoC) and LBGT coalition to provide support and technical assistance to ensure that members of these communities affected by health disparities are well informed about the dangers of tobacco, and that these communities are prepared to take action to protect themselves from unhealthy exposure.

Statewide Coordination

The Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition strives to improve the health and quality of life of Louisianans by mobilizing communities through policy and system implementation, as well as spearheading environmental changes in order to build healthier communities. You can learn more about their wide-ranging efforts at

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Louisiana (CTFLA) and its subsidiary, the Coalition for a Smoke-Free New Orleans, are key partners of TFL's campaign efforts to create a tobacco-free state, and expand smoke-free environments one city at a time. The CTFLA aims to strengthen policies that provide protection against the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and encourage tobacco-free living.


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