Developing evidence-based communications solutions that advance health for all.


As experts in health communications, we develop and implement strategic campaigns designed to influence collective action and promote positive health behaviors.

As part of a public health institute, we are uniquely positioned to combine expertise in health communications with the latest communications and marketing strategies to achieve measurable results. By working with LPHI’s  Evaluation and Research team to provide formative research and evaluation for projects, we deliver informed, compelling solutions to complex health communications challenges.

We offer our services to external organizations to support their needs at the local, state, and federal levels. Clients include non-profit organizations, community organizations, foundations, government, and academic institutions.


Communications and Marketing Plan Development

As part of a public health institute, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that go beyond traditional advertising and communications campaigns.  Our perspective bridges public health with best practices in communications and marketing plan development and management to help our clients and partners develop and implement successful and measurable communications campaigns.

Social Marketing Campaign Development and Management

In the world of health communications, changing behavior is the ultimate goal.  We develop strategic campaigns and programs designed to influence collective action and behavior change with measurable results.

Public Relations

Public relations can play a vital role in health communications. We have extensive experience in the strategic management of communication between an organization and its key public(s) to build and sustain a positive image. Work in this area focuses on health messaging, community advocacy, media relations, partnership building, and attracting additional funding.

Social Media and Digital Strategy and Management

Whether part of a larger communications strategy or a stand-alone initiative, our team has the expertise needed to help you leverage emerging social media and digital technologies by defining goals, target audience, content development and organization for various social media vehicles.


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