LatinX COVID-19 Video Creation Contest

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and Louisiana Public Health Institute are announcing a new contest aimed at our LatinX community to create a video in Spanish 59 seconds or less on two key issues:

1) Mask wearing: Video based on the graphic on page 2 of this document
2) Contact tracing: Video base on the information beginning on page 3 of this document

How to Submit:
Submissions are due July 10 and questions and videos should be sent to Megan Muncy at LSUHSC and prizes will be awarded the following week. Winning submissions will be widely circulated on social media and sent to Telemundo.

Prize Information:
Award: $1,000 for each winner and video will be sent to Telemundo.
One $1,000 prize for Mask wearing video
One $1,000 prize for Contact tracing video.
Additionally, appropriate submissions will be circulated and shared on social media

Judges will be from LatinX community.