Air Quality Monitoring Reports From Across Louisiana

TFL_Alexandria Air Pollution Decline Posters_36x24Secondhand smoke is comprised of a large number of very small particles, or “particulate matter.” Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) studies assess the impact of environmental tobacco smoke on indoor air quality by measuring air pollution in bars where smoking is allowed. THis involves taking real-time measurements of fine particulate matter using a direct reading instrument over the course of several hours. Concentrations of these harmful particulates are measured in numbers from zero to 250 μg/m3 and higher. According to the EPA Air Quality Index, measurements between zero and 15 are rated as “Good,” ratings from 150 to 250 are “Very Unhealthy” and measurements of 250 and up are considered “Hazardous.”

Below are the AQM studies that have been completed in collaboration with Evaluation and Research team.


Alexandria (2011) AQM Report

Natchitoches (2011) AQM Report

Lafayette (2010) AQM Report

Baton Rouge (2010) AQM Report