FY2022-2024 Strategic Plan


It has become clear over the past few years that the public health landscape shifts and changes at an
ever-quickening pace. LPHI’s role is to be both responsive to the immediate public health needs of
Louisiana residents and to create an environment for long-term public health improvements. In order to
do so, LPHI has created a three-year strategic plan to outline and guide the public health impact of the

Priority Areas and Goals

The guiding elements of the strategic plan include four new Priority Areas: Racial Justice and Health Equity, Partnerships and Collaboration, A Healthier Louisiana, and A Thriving Organization. A Year One Action Plan has been developed for each of the Priority Areas.

Racial Justice and Health Equity

Make LPHI a model for racial justice and health equity.​

Partnerships and Collaboration

Nurture and cultivate partnerships and collaborations to accelerate community impact.

A Healthier

Create a healthier Louisiana by applying our expertise, assets, and innovation.

A Thriving Organization

Build a thriving learning organization that embodies adaptability, equity, and lays a strong foundation for excellence. ​


“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to think more broadly about the health of the nation, particularly the most vulnerable among us. LPHI is uniquely positioned to effectuate change in the health of Louisiana residents. Strategic planning ensures a clear and deliberate focus in priority areas that are measurable and that demonstrate the impact we can make in our communities as we work collectively with our partners.”

- Kathleen B. Kennedy, Pharm.D., Immediate Past Board Chair, Louisiana Public Health Institute Board of Directors