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BCM and LPHI Launch New Program to Support Social Service Organizations in Billing Medicaid for Services


BCM and LPHI recently launched a new program for members of a Financial Sustainability Fellowship to support social service organizations interested in billing Medicaid for services.

Twenty-two years ago Baptist Community Ministries was founded to make social investments in local nonprofits to improve the health of our community. However, current national financial trends around social investments are moving away from a historical grant revenue model to a reimbursement focused model. With the expansion of Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, service providers are now afforded the opportunity to bill for services for a greater number of individuals. By leveraging Medicaid reimbursement for existing services, organizations have new opportunities to reach financial sustainability and to expand capacity for maximum reach and impact. To advance BCM and LPHI’s vision for a healthy community, BCM and LPHI recognize the need to support the development of sustainable behavioral health and social services by enhancing community based organizations’ ability to access reimbursable funding streams. To optimize these sustainability efforts, operational adjustments (such as, electronic health record implementation, seeking and obtaining accreditation, etc.) might be considered.

The programmatic structure supports working with industry experts to help identify individual organizational needs, levels of support, and to assist your organization to reach financial sustainability. The fellowship will consist of workshops, one-on-one technical coaching, presentations by subject matter experts, and will highlight local successes and challenges to introduce, educate, and support non-profits to access sustainable funding through third party reimbursements. Third party reimbursements include reimbursement for services through insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance). We hope to work with you to foster practical, actionable, best-practice approaches among non-profit community-based organizations. Opportunities for peer exchange will support a fellowship of practice focused on performance excellence and sustainability. Targeted improvement projects will focus on sustainability through reimbursement by optimizing key organizational elements: strategy, leadership, workforce, clients, measurement, results, and operations -including credentialing and contracting.

Currently, these behavioral health and social services utilizing Medicare reimbursement for existing services can be utilized at the following facilities, with more to join in the near future:

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Children's Bureau of New Orleans

Family Services of Greater New Orleans

Click here to download the full informational document.

If you would like to learn more about this program or similar services, please contact Meagan Relle