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Louisiana Public Health Institute’s Family Health Team launched its newest program: Askable Adults Louisiana!

Askable Adults is a nationally recognized training program that prepares youth-serving adults to be more approachable and knowledgeable about adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and to be more proactive in referring youth for sexual and reproductive healthcare. Askable Adult trainings are recommended for adults who work in schools, community-based, faith-based, and recreational organizations to assure that they are ready when they are faced with questions from young people they support. The training allowed supportive individuals to feel more at ease answering difficult questions, more knowledgeable about laws regarding adolescent sexual health, and more prepared to link young people with necessary services and information.

Our first cohort of trainers for Askable Adults Louisiana participated in a two-day training of the trainers, which was presented by Access Matters in New Orleans from October 10 – 11.​


To learn more, contact Family Health Director Kristi Bardell at