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LPHI Announces “Healthy Table Talk” Series

Today, we’re launching a new video series called “Health Table Talk with LPHI CEO Shelina Davis” to bring you discussions on a range of topics with those who know the community best.

Our first discussion, which can be found here, is with Reverend Darcy Roake, a Unitarian Universalist Minister, who has a wide background in pastoral care and social justice. In this episode, Shelina and Rev. Darcy discuss the importance of spiritual health in the midst of COVID-19.

While the episode covers information specific to changes our country is experiencing as a result of the pandemic, it is also relevant to the anger and frustration communities across are feeling right now following repeated displays of blatant racism and police brutality. Reverend Darcy speaks to faith-based organizations’ role and how they can participate in larger conversations around equity and making sure all people are cared for equitably.

Shelina also released a statement on Tuesday, June 2 calling for collective action regarding racism as a public health issue. Read the full statement here.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing additional video interviews to discuss direct community impacts of COVID-19 and other timely topics. Check out this episode and be sure to subscribe to LPHI’s YouTube channel to receive updates about future episodes.