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LPHI’s HIV/STI and 4RealHealth programs team up with the Baton Rouge AIDS Society for 3rd annual Teen Summit


On July 25, 2016, LPHI’s HIV/STI team and 4Real Health program participated in the third annual teen summit, held in Baton Rouge at Southern University’s Seymour Gymnasium. At this time, Louisiana ranking 4th in the nation for HIV. With one out of every four new HIV diagnosis being a person under the age of 25, and one out of every eight people infected with HIV have not been diagnosed, it is imperative to raise awareness and dispel the myths around the transfer of the HIV virus so that many young lives can be saved.

Teens from across the parish heard from young adult speakers on issues related to the spread of HIV and what they can do to stop it, participated in free HIV testing, a dramatic skit, and other entertainment. They were also able to gain education regarding HIV and the effects of violence and drug abuse in their everyday lives. The event was made possible by sponsorship from Baton Rouge AIDS Society, Louisiana Public Health Institute, Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, and East Baton Rouge Parish Division of Human Development and Services.