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REACHnet Launches Training for Patient and Community Engagement in Research

Patient engagement in research is a growing area of interest to ensure that community voices and priorities are incorporated in the research process. REACHnet has developed a series of trainings for community members who are interested in learning about the principles of patient engagement in research. The objective of these trainings are to build skills and equip individuals to partner with research teams in the development, implementation, and dissemination phases of a project.

Community members that complete the 3-part online orientation are eligible to become Health in Our Hands Network Advisors. HiOH Advisors work with the REACHnet team to ensure that the patient and community voice is represented in research projects and community engagement efforts. Advisors work alongside researchers, doctors, patients, and caregivers to improve patient-centered research, thereby contributing to the LPHI mission of health and equity for all. The training can be found on the REACHnet website. For more information, please e-mail