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 Adolescent Mapping Project

dsc03896The Adolescent Mapping Project (AMP) was a one-year project focused on assessing and mapping the strengths and limitations of schools, youth-serving community-based organizations, and adolescent reproductive and sexual health providers throughout Orleans Parish and Ouachita Parish. The AMP conducted assessments to provide reproductive health advocates with region-specific information to understand key systems assets, barriers or gaps, and opportunities to move forward in planning and implementing larger programmatic solutions that address adolescent reproductive health. In addition to assessing health and school systems additional programmatic components of this project included a) two Teen Sexual Health Summits; b) a school policy pilot project; and c) the initiation of an adolescent reproductive health community coalition in Ouachita Parish.

Some notable accomplishments of the project include:

  • The creation a Comprehensive Sex Education Baseline for Orleans Parish Schools
  • A formal mapping of connections and social networks of adolescents seeking care
  • Enhancing community connectedness and capacity

Mapping Adolescent Reproductive Health in Greater New Orleans

Orleans Youth Report

Mapping Adolescent Reproductive Health in Ouachita Parish

Ouachita Youth Report