Family Health

Reproductive Health Integration Initiative (RHII)

Through the collaborative, FQHCs are working to integrate comprehensive reproductive health services into participating primary care clinics including a) a full range of FDA-approved family planning methods; b) Sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV prevention education, testing, and referral; c) Confidential family planning services for adolescents; d) breast and cervical cancer screening; e) formalize coordinated referral pathways from State-run Parish Health Units to primary care clinic medical homes, and f) institute shared quality improvement strategies around meeting HRSA, HEDIS, and other national benchmarks.

Modeled after emerging approaches for integrating reproductive health into primary care settings, the collaborative supports the readiness and capacity of primary care settings to improve reproductive health. The aim is to engage in a quality improvement venture using evidence- based practices centered on HRSA and Title X Family Planning Grant shared quality indicators.  Core program activities consist of multiple learning methods and supports including learning sessions targeted around shared national quality metrics, “coaching”/ facilitation calls and in-person sessions to reinforce the knowledge and methods described at the learning sessions, and directly assist the practices to fully implement reproductive health services. Additional technical support is provided by LPHI to ensure that the existing electronic medical record systems are being used to their fullest potential to support reproductive health care, recommended assessment tools, risk stratification, referral tracking and linkages, clinical decision support, cross-setting care planning and communication, overall performance monitoring of access and patient outcomes, and revenue.