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Med Ed
Nursing or medical student asking question during healthcare conference

Med Ed is a PCORI funded project to develop and implement curriculum to increase the skills and capacity of medical students to engage with patients during their future careers as physicians and clinician researchers. Med Ed employs principles of patient engagement and community-based participatory research in the curriculum development process.

The aims of the Med Ed project are three-fold:

1) Increase understanding of patient engagement, and train clinical researchers to operationalize these principles.

2) Contribute to PCORI’s goal to build a clinical workforce active in Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) by increasing exposure to the patient-centered research and care paradigm.

3) Develop a PCOR curriculum that can be disseminated and used in the training of medical students and other early career medical professionals.

Patients and medical students were actively involved in curriculum creation, implementation, and evaluation. Patients contributed as content experts, co-facilitated training, and provided real-time feedback to participating medical students. The Med Ed vision is that integrating patient engagement training in medical school curriculum will help catalyze a shift in physicians’ attitudes and approaches to patient engagement in clinical care and research, starting with early career medical professionals.