Healthy Communities

Healthy NOLA Neighborhoods


Healthy NOLA Neighborhoods was a community initiative dedicated to the development of sustainable, healthy neighborhoods through community empowerment and civic engagement. Central to the initiative was the website which provided health data and resources at the city and neighborhood level. Site visitors could access data and information on numerous issues that impact quality of life, such as neighborhood crime rates, air quality, education rates, community gardens, and more. Success stories and examples from other cities across the country were also featured on the site to provide residents and community leaders the planning tools and information to support healthy community activities.

Funded by the Kresge Foundation, the Healthy NOLA Neighborhoods site was developed in partnership with the Neighborhoods Partnership Network and with Concordia, Inc., a New Orleans-based architectural and urban design firm, along with guidance from local neighborhood and community organizations and public health professionals. While the website is no longer active, the Healthy NOLA Neighborhoods initiative continues to inspire other efforts within the state and along the Gulf Coast to educate and empower community leaders and planners to use data and best practices to make informed changes that support healthy and resilient neighborhoods.