Policy Priorities

LPHI advocates for policies and legislation that advance health equity across the following priority areas:

Access to Health (Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Maternal and Infant Health)
We believe that Louisiana can be the healthiest state in the Nation. In order to meet that vision, we advocate for policies that create access to healthcare for everyone who needs it as well as policies that support the freedom of individuals to nurture families in safe, sustainable communities. Recognizing that mental health is an essential component of well-being, we tirelessly work towards accessible, coordinated behavioral health services.

Current Topics:
By prioritizing
tobacco control and cancer prevention, we aim to enhance our community's overall health status and ensuring that all individuals can lead longer, healthier lives. The ultimate goal is for Louisiana to become smoke-free.Our advocacy for maternal and infant health centers around increasing Medicaid reimbursement rates so that every pregnant individual and new mother, irrespective of race or geography, receives quality care.

Economic Opportunity
We believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to meet their basic needs and thrive. Understanding that economic opportunity and health status are inexorably linked, our work aims to foster environments that nurture economic stability and self-sufficiency for all.

Current Topics:
Paid family medical leave serves as a crucial support for individuals to care for personal or family health needs without jeopardizing financial security, thereby promoting overall wellbeing. LPHI is advocating for paid parental leave for educators in order to attract and retain a talented workforce to teach our youth.

Environmental Health:
Acknowledging the vital intersection of public health and our environment, we fight against the threats of climate change, championing every person's right to clean air, safe drinking water, and resilient, healthy communities.

For more information, contact Anne Springer Jayes, Senior Program Manager